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Everything they do is First Class!!

Having worked with Jay in a professional category and through our coaching program for years, I have seen first hand how Jay and Michelle took their business to the amazing level it is at today and growing. I switched from my previous office because Jay has the actual hands on knowledge and success to truly help and coach other agents. He is a great speaker and marketing and tech guru. He knows what works. As a national coach with a premier coaching program, Jay is by far the most knowledgeable Broker/Owner you will ever work with and he shares it all with his agents. if your looking to grow your business, he gives you a road map with all the tools you could possibly need. The information you receive gives you a jump start to success or if your a seasoned agent, as I was, gives you the advanced tools to help you go to whatever level your looking for. What Jay and Michelle have accomplished is incredible! Everything they do is First Class!!