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Jheri South is a successful business owner, instructor, entrepreneur and mother to 7 children. Jheri started her career in real estate in 1996 and started purchasing her own homes at age 18. By age 21 she was working as a loan originator making 6 figures as a working mom.

As someone who has reinvented herself time and time again, Jheri has the experience and knowledge to connect with all backgrounds and life experiences. Her wisdom in the life of a working mother is unparalleled and her example of hard work, persistence and follow through is inspiring to anyone who has the opportunity to hear her story.

Jheri currently works as a Real Estate agent for Platinum Living Realty. Most recently she could be heard on her own Real Estate Show on KTAR 92.3fm every Saturday on Your Real Estate World with Mike & Jheri. Jheri was named as one of the TOP 13 agents in her brokerage (valley wide) after only two years of selling real estate. With 10 years under her belt as a mortgage broker, Jheri has a vast knowledge of the homebuying process from start to finish. From HUD Repos to Luxury Real Estate, Jheri has the knowledge to help any real estate investor, seller,or first time home buyer realize their real estate goals and potential!

Visit to learn more about the Arizona real estate market and to conduct your free personal property search.

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